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Sports Healthcare platform

RAON FIT by Mobinus combines sports(exercise) and IT in order to provide fun and sustainable way of taking care of your health.
This next-generation healthcare platform incites interest and immersion through diverse tools and contents by age-group,
and by analyzing and coaching the exercise amount and body composition of an individual.

  • Various IoT-Based Devices

    Composed of various health-related
    fitness devices and skill-related devices
    by age group

  • Interactive Attraction Contents

    An immersive fitness system that combines
    specialized functional games to maximize
    gamification (fun, rewarding, competitive)

  • Healthcare Platform

    An integrated healthcare platform based onanalytics engine
    for management of personal health and building stamina

Technology & Innovation

RAON FIT presents a new paradigm for health and exercise through the products and services where technologies of the fourth industrial revolution are integrated.

  • Future Fit 컨트롤러 Future Fit 컨트롤러

    RAON FIT Controller

    Composed of an embedded-based board and
    various sensor modules serving as key cores

  • Future Fit 클라이언트 STB Future Fit 클라이언트 STB

    RAON FIT Set-Top Box

    Reflects user’s physical activities and motion recognition
    Mounted with various contents for each equipment
    Communicates with server
    Android / Windows

  • Future Fit 엔진 Future Fit 엔진

    RAON FIT Healthcare Integrated Management System

    Analysis of individual amount of exercise/change in body
    Real-time health management data
    Statistics for each user
    Device & Contents management
    APP(Mobile) / WEB(PC) Service

From infants to the elderly, anytime anywhere, dynamic sports, real-time healthcare data, healthcare services

  • Surge in Demand
    for indoor cardiovascular activities

  • Easy and fun next-generation all-in-one sports
    Regardless of Weather

  • Coaching System
    through data analysis and personal stamina
    management through real-time analysis by element

  • Specialized functional contents and
    A Creative Activity Service that Anyone Can Participate
    in Regardless of Age and Gender